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This Week: Gen 4 Begins and Diablo IV

On 04/05/2024 at 01:43 PM by KnightDriver

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Retro first, then new stuff. That's how I do it now whenever I'm in front of my gaming set up at Mad Krammer's place. I'm on Gen 4 now and Genesis, SNES and Game Boy. Here's what I got to this week: 

Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX - This is the Game Boy Color update available on Nintendo's Switch subscription service. At first, I always wonder why I start with only a shield and then realize I can push things with it. After my usual death figuring this out, I got to my sword and started progressing in earnest until I got stuck in an area blocked by immovable rocks. I'll figure it out though. What impressed me was how much design was squeezed into the Game Boy. You have a map view and an equipment screen where it's easy to swtich items around. I especially liked getting the powder to light braziers. Anyway, I've decided this is good and will be returning to it every game day until I die or get stuck again. I believe I have the DX version cartrige still, but I'll have to check. I'd like to play it on my Game Boy Player. 

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - This is also on the subscription service on Switch, thankfully. I died exploring the castle but I will continue with it as I can see right away this is a good game. I'll keep an eye out for a good price for the original cartridge. 

Lego 2K Drive - This just got added to Game Pass and so I gave it a short spin. I'm reminded of Sonic & Sega's All-Star Racing game, but it's sure to come short of that. Your vehicle transforms as you cross into different terrain on the fly. There are races and mini-games galore. I like the controls so far. It'll remain on my hard drive until I finish with other things or need a quick achievement for rewards points. 

Diablo IV - Since this dropped on Game Pass, Mad Krammer and I have been playing this non-stop. He just topped level 50 with his Barbarian and I'm at 45 with my Necromancer. I noticed the online play is seemless and error free. There aren't even any time sync issues with cutsceens bewteen us two. The game has a lot to do within it and a very complex skill tree and equipment modification options. Funny, though, with all this complexity, the game is easy to figure out and command all the perks and mod options. I attribute it to the good UI design. Many more weeks to come of playing this. 

That's a week. Onto the next. Play anything?



Cary Woodham

04/06/2024 at 07:52 AM

So in Link's Awakening it sounds like you've gotten the magic powder.  Have you tried sprinkling some on a certain animal in the forest?  Maybe a tanuki (raccoon) who says he has a sensitive nose and uses magic to get you lost in the woods?


04/06/2024 at 09:24 AM

The potion  master suggested I use the powder on enemies, but I haven't met the tanuki yet. I'll keep an eye out for him next week when I play it again. 

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