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I Must Wait

On 05/15/2024 at 09:49 AM by KnightDriver

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This is what my friend's Barbarian in Diablo IV says all the time as we're battling together. I can't resist repeating it whenever I hear it. He's got to work on keeping his rage meter filled. Anywho, I'm waiting for his cleaning lady to finish with his apartment before we game it up today (my day off). I thought I'd relate my progress on the late 90s Metacritic list I'm made. 

1. Ocarina of Time - Always when I start this, I can't find the sword. I looked it up and now I'm lost in the training area. I have so little patience for this lately. I bought the expansion to the Switch subscription to play this, but now I don't want to. 

2. Soucalibur - I'm setting  up my Xbox 360 today to see if I can still buy this, the only place it's available digitally. The Xbox 360 store goes down at the end of July, so I'll be checking out anything else I might need there too. 

3. GoldenEye - Playing this on Xbox Series S via Rare Replay on Game Pass. I really dislike the aiming in this game, never have liked it, but I discovered that if I don't try to aim, I hit most things just fine. I'm a couple missions in, using this game for my daily achievement/GP Rewards points right now. 

4. Tekken 3 - It's only available (the arcade version) within Tekken 5 on PS2. Neither game was on PS4 digitally, so I'll look for a PS2 disc on Friday when I hit Game Junkies. 

5. Half Life - It baffles me why Valve hasn't remastered this for all systems. I guess they couldn't care less with their Steam service doing so well, but it makes me mad. I used to own the PS2 port and have played it several times, but it would be nice to revisist it on console somewhere. My only option (other than buying a PC) would be to get a Steamdeck, I think, and I'm not doing that anytime soon unless some game in my collection turns out to be worth some series dough. 

6. Gran Turismo - No luck with any digital version out there, so I'll have to hunt down a disc copy for PS if it's not too pricey. I used to own it long time ago. 

7. Sid Meier's Civilization II - Apparently this got a Playstation port way back when. Interesting but it's probably a pricey disc. My only option is to get a PC. I'd love to do it, but I don't want to spend that kind of money right now. 

8. Quake - I played it the other day on Xbox Series S. It's also part of Game Pass. The game plays really fast, which is great, but I hate not having a map and endlessly traversing samey looking mazes looking for keys. I'm sorry, but I have no patience for it right now. I played the heck out of this back in the day in any case. 

9. Metal Gear Solid - It's available remastered on Xbox Series S for $20. I may get it or wait for a sale. Right now it's on my wish list. 

10. Banjo-Kazooie - Part of Rare Replay on Game Pass just like GoldenEye. I took one look and remembered how I got stuck a year or so ago trying to complete it. Not again. I really don't like getting lost in games anymore. Back in the day, we loved searching the virutal worlds for some little corner we missed. Not now. 

11. Diablo - Working on getting a copy of Diablo III again to play the Diablo I content added to it. I think I used to own the physical disc for Xbox One and not the digital copy. It's full price right now, so it goes on the wish list to wait for a sale. However, I realized I could get a cheap disc copy for Xbox 360 (I don't have a Xbox One anymore) or PS4. So that's what I'm going to look for at Game Junkies this Friday. 

12. Gran Turismo 2 - Same as one. Can only play this with the original disc. Unless you're into emulation and not-so-legal roms like it seems everybody is into. I'd rather hunt down a disc. 

13. Homeworld - Interesting RTS spaceship game. As I was researching it, I saw that Homeworld 3 is coming out this weekend from Gearbox Software. PC only though. 

14. Wipeout XL - Seems as though you can only play this with the original disc. I don't see a digital version anywhere legit. 

15. Sid Meier'S Gettyburg - Again an only PC play and not even on Steam, so no Steamdeck either. Would likely have to get a Win 10 version and get it to work with patches. Labor intensive. 

16. Grim Fandango - Available on Xbox Series S and I think still on Game Pass. I played it there a year or so ago and got annoyingly stuck on a puzzle somewhere like I do in most adventure games of this ilk. Do I want to break my brain on it again? Nah. 

17. System Shock 2 - I've read there might be an upcoming enhanced edition for all systems but it got first mentioned in 2019, so who knows where it is in development now. I'd have to go PC to play this right now. 

18. Thief Dark Project - PC only again. Rats. 

19. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater - I generaly don't enjoy skate games but I'll try this anyway. It's been remade for modern eyes and on Xbox Seres S, but it's $40, so it goes on the wish list. I suppose, if I saw the original disc for cheap somewhere I might buy it to give it a go. Could happen. 

20. Age of Empires II - This is thankfully on Game Pass as an enhanced edition. I have downloaded it again and will take another stab at it. I've loved this series in the various ports I've played. Can I hack the full version? We'll see. 

Well my wait is up. Game session begins. See yah. 



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