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Pickups and Plays Galore

On 05/24/2024 at 01:50 PM by KnightDriver

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I've picked up a few games this week. I'm at the end of Diablo IV. I've discovered a few new retro favorites. I've also done my usual casual plays for rewards points. Here it all 'tis. 


Diablo III for Xbox 360 and then for PS4. I wanted to play the Darkening of Tristam content within Diablo III. This is free content based on the original Diablo game within DIII. I got the 360 version and found out the free update came after they stopped doing updates for 360. So I got the PS4 version for cheap, and I'll try it next week. I can play it all over again for trophies. Yah!

Also, I noticed I have every achievement but one for Diablo III on Xbox, so I'm keen to get that last one. It's the 5 million gold achievement. I have almost 3 million across all my characters. It could be fun grind with a little help from my reddit friends. 

Paper Mario Thousand Year Door remake. I got the preorder today at Gamestop. I can't wait to get into it again. I so loved it on Gamecube and was all torn up when I sold my copy of the game. I had sold it thinking it was coming to the Switch Subscription Service, but a remake isn't bad either. I can't do without it. 

Diablo IV endgame

Mad Krammer and I are playing Hardcore characters trying to get to level 50. We've both died twice in Helltide zones. I'm on my third and at level 45, so I think I'll make it next week. Hardcore really keeps you on your toes. There's no shame in fleeing a hoard of enemies or a mad random mini-boss like The Butcher if you know it's too risky. You can die in an instant if your foe has the right element you are weak to. It's fun. I've played all the other character types and still love the Necromancer best. I did a blood-build first and now I'm loving a bone-build. 


I extended my metacritic list for games 1995-1999 in order to try more stuff. I've found some new favorites and played some old ones. 

Railroad Tycoon 2: This is a Playstation port of a PC game I played on my PS3 via physical disc. It reminds me strongly of the Railway Empire games out right now. It works surprisingly well on Playstation. It is fairly complex though, and so I'll save if for when I'm in the mood for it. 

Silent Hill: I played this digitally on my PS3. Thank God I bought these and others from PS One Classics years ago because they seem to be not available at all on PS4. I think what I like most about Silent Hill is the treament of the camera. I love the angles chosen for cut-scenes and while your acting in the game. I got killed by the first bat-like thing in the diner because I couldn't figure out how to use my gun. The controls weren't obvious and nothing I did seemed to work. I've played it to the end before, but I'll have to learn the controls again. 

F Zero X: I tried a bunch of racers on the Switch Subscription service such as Wipeout and Wave Race but only F Zero X really caught my interest. I love this futuristic racer. It has really cool tracks and blazingly fast gameplay. I hope to play more of it. I saw the N64 cart for $30. I'll think about that. 

Suikoden: It's really the second Suikoden game that was on my list, but I have both on PS3, thankfully, and started with the first one again. I am really loving this rpg and will be getting back to it next week. I want to finish both if I can. 

I just wish I could buy PS One Classics again. I missed out on some really great ones, even some old PS2 games too, that are nowhere to be found in the PS4 store. What happened to retro games on Playstation?


Little Kitty Big City: It's on Game Pass and a fun control-a-cat game. You've fallen from your home high in a building and have to navigate the streets until you can get the energy back to climb to safety. To do this you do tasks for a variety of creatures such as a crow, other cats, a Tanuki and possibly others. My only issue is that sometimes the camera gets behind a wall and you can't see, but that only happened once so far. I've been stealing cell phones from people, pouncing on birds (for feathers not food), and distracting dogs with bones. It's a joy in small doses. 

Chants of Sennaar: I played a demo of this on Switch and now it's on Game Pass. Problem is, it won't launch. It says press "A" to start and nothing happens. I hope they fix it. This was a neat puzzle game centered around figuring out alien languages. I hope to get a little farther in it on Xbox. 

Well, I'm off to work and later Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga. Have a happy Memorial Day weekend!



Cary Woodham

05/26/2024 at 07:52 AM

I got Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door on Switch as well.  Still as good as I remember it.  

The best part about F-Zero X was the random track generator, perfect to even out two player games.  But you have to unlock it.  Luckily there is a secret code you can enter to get it, because it's way too hard to unlock normally!

My review of Little Kitty, Big City will be up next week.


05/29/2024 at 05:47 PM

I got PMTYD but I haven't tried it yet. I've been shuffling my consoles a lot. 

I really want to pick up F-Zero X. A shop near me has it but it's a little much, but maybe if I trade some stuff. 

I've beaten the story in LKBC and now trying to do all the extra tasks. It's quite fun. I'm excited to read your take on it. 


05/31/2024 at 09:22 AM


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