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Wizardry Plus

On 06/08/2024 at 10:11 AM by KnightDriver

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Most of my gaming time has been Mad Krammer and I playing the Wizardry remake, but I squeezed in a retro game and the usual Game Pass Rewards game. I also traded some old games I don't like to Game Junkies and picked up some others. Game Junkies is becoming my regular Friday morning haunt of late. 

Wizardry (XSS) -  I lost my first party on level 6. I tried to find them again with a new group but couldn't, so I just kept going and now most of my new characters are around level 12 and XP grinding on level 9. I almost lost this group too to a bunch of Lifestealers but managed to crawl back to the village with my one remaining fighter with only 8 HP remaining. Everyone raised from the dead without incident and I'm continuing on. I'll need to gain a few more levels and some key spells to even think about level 10 and taking on Werdna but I'm close. So is Mad Krammer who has been farming level 9 for a while now. 

Just like the original, levels 6-8 can be a real pain. There are dark areas, places which warp you around the level to disorient you, and no-magic zones. I actually found myself adding to my old paper maps on levels 6 and 7 because I hadn't completed them. I am keen to complete these maps as their might be an achievement for it. And it's fun. 

The main thing I've been going after, though, is an achievement for creating every character type. The basic four are easy: Fighter, Thief, Priest and Mage and a Bishop and a Samurai are easy too. But a Lord takes a bit of time because you need a lot of high number attributes which you only gain through leveling. I just managed to make a Lord this week but it took 11 levels as a Fighter to get there. The last is a Ninja who has to be evil and has even more demanding attribute requirements. I'm planning to convert part of my team to evil by fighting friendly monsters and then filling out an all-evil team to get there. Achievements/Trophies sometimes give you a nice goal to shoot for. I enjoy it. 

Medal of Honor (PS) - I played this physical disc on my PS2. I played the first mission and boy have FPS controls come a long way. It is devilishly tricky to aim quickly and accurately with this game. I don't know how I enjoyed this or got comfortable with it back in the day. Ah well, it was a interesting revisit nevertheless. For next week is a game from 2000. I've chosen Final Fantasy IX because I have a physical copy of it.

Moving Out 2 (Game Pass) - I'm using this for quick daily Game Pass rewards. I loved the first game, so I also like playing this one. I don't like time limits though, but I try to ignore those and just do the moving in my own time. I can usually knock off an achievement (which also unlocks a GP reward) in a half hour or less. 

Pickups, all paid for on trade -

Pure (X360) - I remember playing a demo of this so many years ago and just really liking the controls. It's been coming and going in my collection all this time. Hopefully I will finally get to it. It's also one of those non backwards compatible games that you can only play on X360/PS3. This is a Black Rock Studios game, the makers of the MX vs ATV games. I've tried one of those too and liked it. They make MotoGP as well which I haven't tried.  

Little Big Planet (PS3) - Even though I generally dislike platformers, I always try them just in case. A few I will actually like and this is supposed to be a good one. I even played it way back when, but it's been a while. Maybe I will react to it differently this time and get deeper into it. 

Links 2004 (Xbox) - Years ago I picked this up on a whim and Mad Krammer and I had a ball with it. It's not a hardcore sim like the Tiger Woods games but more arcady, reminiscent of the PGA Tour games on Genesis we played to death in the 90s. It's a Microsoft Studios developed game so I thought I'd get into their other sports titles on OG Xbox like Top Spin, but I tried Top Spin and just couldn't understand the control scheme at all. I may try it again, though, because I'd love a good Tennis game. It's been forever since I was into Activision Tennis on the AVCS. 

That's a week. What ya playin'?



Cary Woodham

06/10/2024 at 02:29 PM

I reviewed the original Moving Out a few years ago:

I like the idea of Little Big Planet but I never got around to spending as much time with it as I'd like to.  You can't play them all, you know.  My brother Jeff LOVED those games, though.  The same folks who made that game also made another one that I liked a lot better called Tearaway.  It used paper visuals even better than Paper Mario.  It's one of the best PS Vita games and the remake is one of the first games I got for the PS4.


06/14/2024 at 01:25 PM

I admire Little Big Planet but I'm not so into platforming, which is why I'm interested in Sackboy: A Big Adventure. 

I feel like I tried Tearaway when I had my Vita years ago, but I think I aught to give the remake a shot sometime. 

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