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Am I Just Too Weird for E3?

Posted on 06/19/2019 at 09:33 AM | Filed Under Blogs

Most of the time, console exclusives don't annoy me because the ones I want are usually on the systems I have.  But every now and then one trickles out on the Xbox One.  Still not enough to make me buy one yet, though.

I May Have Played Some Switch Games.

Posted on 06/19/2019 at 09:31 AM | Filed Under Blogs

I wrote a blog about my take on E3 if you'd like to read that.

I've been playing some downloadable Switch games lately, too.  I'd recommend BoxBoy + BoxGirl.  It's an action puzzle game made by the same folks who make the Kirby games.  You can download a demo, too.  The price is right at only ten bucks, especially considering there's hundreds of levels.

I would not recommend Cadence of Hyrule, though.  It does have Zelda elements, but it's not worth the 25 bucks download cost.  I think they just used the Zelda name to price gouge.

Impossible Nightmare - Ninja Gaiden for the NES

Posted on 06/17/2019 at 09:36 PM | Filed Under Blogs

Ninja Gaiden really did pioneer cut scenes in consoles.  Nobody else was really doing that at the time, so it was kind of a big deal.

I rented Ninja Gaiden a couple of times and my friend even bought the sequel.  Those games were way too hard for me, though!  I still remember the death tune because I heard it so much.  "Dun-dun-dun, dun, dun-dun-dun-dun, DUN-DUN-DUN!"

Am I Just Too Weird for E3?

Posted on 06/16/2019 at 02:34 PM | Filed Under Blogs

I love cel-shaded graphics.

Am I Just Too Weird for E3?

Posted on 06/16/2019 at 01:40 PM | Filed Under Blogs

Double Fine being bought by Microsoft is great if you have an Xbox One.  But if you don't, then too bad!

You'll have to let us know what you think of the LEGO stuff in Forza.

Am I Just Too Weird for E3?

Posted on 06/16/2019 at 01:39 PM | Filed Under Blogs

Is Wind Waker your favorite Zelda game?  I was on board with the cartoony art style even when everyone else wasn't.

Cruising with My Girl - Outrun

Posted on 06/16/2019 at 01:35 PM | Filed Under Blogs

OutRun was a good game.  Even my dad would plunk quarters tnto it in the arcade.

OutRun 2 or OutRun 2000 was a fantastic remake.  I think it was even a better racing arcade game than Mario Kart Arcade GP, and that's a lot for me to say that.

Quick review because I'm bored: Pooyan

Posted on 06/16/2019 at 01:33 PM | Filed Under Blogs

I don't remember seeing Pooyan in arcades as a kid, but I know it was in the US because they showed it a lot on the 80s game show Starcade.  Anyone remember that show?  I used to watch it all the time as a kid.

I mostly played Pooyan on the Konami arcade collection that was on the PSOne.

Tetris Review

Posted on 06/16/2019 at 01:30 PM | Filed Under Review

While most people remember first playing Tetris on the Game Boy, I actually had already played it two years prior on the PC, so it wasn't as impactful for me.  Still one of my favorite puzzle games, though, don't get me wrong.

On YouTube, somenoe who goes by The Video Game Historian made a fantastic video on the history of Tetris and the lengths people went to in acquiring the rights.  It's pretty amazing, and I think they could make a whole movie about it.  Check it out if you get a chance!

Am I Just Too Weird for E3?

Posted on 06/14/2019 at 12:34 PM | Filed Under Blogs

I dunno.  I stick out like a sore thumb even at game conventions like E3 and PAX.  I can't even fit in with gamers.  Last year, when I was at E3 and people would ask what my favorite game of the show was, when I told them "Mega Man 11," they looked at me like I had three heads!

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