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Summer Party Game Reviews!

Posted on 07/20/2024 at 07:31 AM | Filed Under Blogs

Back in the early 80s when frozen yogurt was first popular, I remember seeing frozen yogurt stores everywhere.  The most common one was TCBY, which I think stood for This Can't Be Yogurt.  I never really liked regular yogurt.  Frozen yogurt is better, but not as good as ice cream.  Custard is too rich for me.

Cary's Best Games of 2024 SO FAR Awards Show!

Posted on 07/20/2024 at 07:29 AM | Filed Under Blogs

I bet it plays like the other Mario & Luigi games.  One of my brothers said he thought it would be two player, but I doubt it since the others aren't.  But since this is on a home console, they could do it.  That would be a neat idea.

Plays and Pickups

Posted on 07/20/2024 at 07:28 AM | Filed Under Blogs

Definitely get Space Invaders Extreme.  That one's awesome.

I just got the Deluxe Set of the Nintendo World Champsionship NES Edition.  I'll be writing about it soon.

Cary's Best Games of 2024 SO FAR Awards Show!

Posted on 07/18/2024 at 09:17 PM | Filed Under Blogs

Speaking of Working Designs, I just reviewed a game they published a long time ago.

Cary's Best Games of 2024 SO FAR Awards Show!

Posted on 07/17/2024 at 08:57 PM | Filed Under Blogs

You know, in the 90s, no one would ever release a game called Unicorn Overlord in the US.

Cary's Best Games of 2024 SO FAR Awards Show!

Posted on 07/14/2024 at 07:53 AM | Filed Under Blogs

Yeah here's my schedule:

September has the Ace Attorney Investigations Collection and Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom.

October has Visions of Mana and Ys X: Nordics.

And November has Mario & Luigi: Brothership.

And in between I'd like to squeeze in the two games that came out earlier this year I haven't gotten yet: Mario vs. Donkey Kong and Luigi's Mansion 2 HD.  And whenever Capcom releases the Marvel vs. Capcom collection.

Three Consoles for Every Player

Posted on 07/14/2024 at 07:49 AM | Filed Under Blogs

When you say Super Mario Odyssey on Wii, I think you mean Super Mario Galaxy.  Even though the Wii had horrible resoulation, I think Galaxy is one of the better looking games on that system.  

Cary's Best Games of 2024 SO FAR Awards Show!

Posted on 07/11/2024 at 07:34 AM | Filed Under Blogs

Because I was juggling both Wii and 360 titles, as well as the PS3 eventually, I probably chose to skip out on the Endless Ocean games.  And it's probably why I'll skip out on the new one.  Come September, my gaming schedule is going to be PACKED!

Fourth Set of Retro Pics '07-'09

Posted on 07/11/2024 at 07:31 AM | Filed Under Blogs

I dabbled in Plants vs. Zombies for a bit.  That was definitely the era of casual PC and phone games, like Plants vs. Zombies, Diner Dash, Bookworm, Peggle, Bejeweled, etc.  I'd like to try the Garden Warfare games, but I haven't gotten around to them yet.

Cary's Best Games of 2024 SO FAR Awards Show!

Posted on 07/07/2024 at 09:42 AM | Filed Under Blogs

The only reason why I have been able to play so many games is because I review them.  And even then I can't play all the ones I'd like to.  That Endless Ocean game is a good example.  I never played the one on...Wii I think?  And I didn't feel like spending the time or money on this one either.  That's just the way it goes sometimes.

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