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About Me:

I'm a long time gamer. I started sometime in the middle 70s with Pong. I had an Atari growing up and an Apple IIc. Then I had a Macintosh. In the 90s I started collecting consoles. The 2000s saw me get a PC and continue a lot of console playing. Now I'm pretty exclusively a console player. I'm also mostly on Xbox One, although, I own a PS4. I'd like a Switch.

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Favorite Games:

The list is very long, but I'll summarize it by decade:

80s: Xevious, Wizardry, 1943: Battle for Midway, Sky Shark
90s: Road Rash, Duke Nukem, Doom, Shadow Warrior, Destruction Derby 2, Hexen, Pokemon Snap
00s: Halo, Destroy All Humans, Dragon Quest VIII, Paper Mario Thousand Year Door, Black, Bookworm Adventures
10s: Borderlands, Wolfenstein, Minecraft, Earth Defense Force

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Favorite Music:

This year so far:

Charles Ives
Anton Webern
Duke Ellington
Charlie Christian
Spike Jones
Pierre Schaeffer